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ASP.NET Development

ASP.NET is a web development platform, which provides a programming model, a comprehensive software infrastructure and various services required to build up robust web applications for PC, as well as mobile devices.

ASP.NET is a set of technologies built on top of Microsoft .NET framework for building web applications and XML web services. These web applications get executed and generate markup such as HTML and XML that is sent down to a desktop/mobile browser. This means that the application can be run from anywhere regardless of the hardware.

In today’s world of software development , ASP.net is undoubtedly an extremely powerful tool especially when combined with SQL server.

Need an application developed in ASP.NET? Azegate can produce dynamic and adaptive web applications that meets all your needs!

Why choose ASP.NET to develop robust web applications?

Improved performance: The biggest advantage of ASP.NET core framework is its amazing performance. The code gets optimized with new enhancements and upgrades. With new updates, you don’t have to rewrite codes. ASP.NET’s compiler will optimize the code whenever it is re-compiled. It’s performance is multiples times better than any other popular framework implementations.

Cross-platform support: These applications run on windows, linux and mac. This cross-platform compatibility is essential when web applications are developed.

Less code: Latest ASP.NET technology demands less coding which means that developers spend lesser hours on creating an application making it cost-effective. Less code also means easier to maintain.

Cloud-based web application development support: In today’s world, it is better to have a cloud based application. ASP.NET core offers Web and Mobile development with a IoT application development.

Azegate is the perfect choice for you to get started with your ASP.NET application development. Get in touch with us today to find out how our team can use this technology to build your next generation applications.