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Java Development

Java is an object-oriented programming language and is easily the most liked programming language. It is a simple, object-oriented and platform independent language (runs on any platform). Java is a write-once, run-anywhere programming language developed by Sun Microsystems.

Java can be combined with a lot of technologies like Spring, node JS, Android, Hadoop, J2EE etc to build robust, scalable, portable and full-fledged applications. It also promoted continuous integration and testing using tools like Selenium.

Azegate has extensive experience in providing the highest quality Java development services in the Dubai,UAE. We have served numerous clients from various industries like real-estate, e-commerce , healthcare, education etc. to build applications to cater to their needs.

We are extremely experienced in developing complex enterprise level Java application using the latest tools, technologies, methodologies and architecture. Our team of developers work closely with clients and deliver world-class enterprise Java development services across various business organizations.

As Java is secure and multi-threaded, it is perfect for Banking and transaction management services. E-commerce shops and billing software have their logic written in frameworks based on Core Java. Mobile OS like Android uses Java APIs.

What we can build for you using Java:

  • Banking platform

  • E-commerce platform

  • Android App Development

  • IOT Solutions

  • Custom Java Application Development