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Oracle Database Administrator

Oracle is the leading provider of databases and database technology. It is a reliable and versatile platform and there are several reasons to for organizations to choose Oracle.

Every company that maintains and runs a database needs a database administrator including Oracle databases.

Why should your Oracle Database Administration be outsourced?

Hiring database administrators who understand the architecture and processes of an Oracle database is vital to companies dealing with Oracle databases. Outsourcing these services to experts is the best and the most cost-efficient option. It will help your organization succeed in a multifaceted system environment. Challenges related to the database will be handled by your database consultants – whether its designing, developing or migration of databases across platforms.

Azegates Oracle Database Administration Technologies:

  • Real application cluster

  • Recovery Manager (RMAN)

  • Cluster Ready Services (CRS)

  • Grid

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)

Oracle Database Services by Azegate

  • Upgrading and installing Oracle application and server tools

  • Planning future storage requirements for the database system and allocating current system storage

  • Creating table spaces or primary database storage structures for applications designed by application developers

  • Creating primary objects such as views, indexes and tables after application developers have designed an application

  • Making modifications on the database structure based on the information given by application developers

  • Maintaining system security and enrolling users

  • Ensuring that the application is compliant with your Oracle license agreement

  • Monitoring and controlling user access to the database

  • Optimizing and monitoring the performance of the database

  • Creating backup plans for the recovery of database information

  • Maintaining archived data on tape

  • Restoring and backing up the database

  • Getting in touch with the Oracle Corporation for technical support, if required

Why you should outsource Oracle DBA to Azegate

  • 24/7 Oracle database administrators to ensure the smooth functioning of your production environment

  • Reliable , timely and cost-effective Oracle database system administration

  • The use of latest Oracle tools to fine tune your database to increase its performance

  • Expert monitoring, performance tuning, system-level troubleshooting and other routine processes on a 24/7 basis

  • Customized Oracle DBA services tailored to your project requirements.

  • Certified and skilled Oracle DBAs who can upgrade, optimize and manage the entire Oracle environment with 100% dedication

  • Increased database performance and decreased database downtime

  • Full-time, part-time and even hourly dedicated DBAs, so that you can hire and pay for a DBA as and when you require one

Get in touch with us today and make the most of our Oracle Database Administrators to ensure smooth functioning of your Database!