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Power BI Development

What is Power BI?

Power BI is an assortment of cloud-based apps and services that help organizations collate, manage and analyze data from a variety of sources through a user-friendly interface.

Power BI puts data together, processes it and then output meaningful insights derived from the data. This output is visually compelling and easy to process charts and graphs. This gives its users a clearer insight into what’s happening in their business.

Power BI helps its users see what happened in the past ,what is happening in the present and uses this data to predict what could happen in the future. Power BI is infused with machine learning capabilities which means it can spot patterns in data and make informed predictions. These insights allow users to prepare themselves to meet future demands.

Why is Power BI used?

Power BI is next level in business intelligence. With power BI, businesses can assemble, scrutinize and visualize data from across the company , giving them greater insights to make more informed decisions.

Key Benefits of using power BI::

  • Large quantities of data can be input and processed by Power BI

  • Built-in machine learning features to help analyze data and spot trends

  • Power BI ensures data safety(CRS)

  • Information can be visualized using powerful templates to allow users to make better sense of the data

  • It is user-friendly and easier to navigate through as compared to complex spreadsheets

Power BI services offered by Azegate:

  • Power BI consulting

  • Custom Power BI development services

  • Custom visualizations

  • Power BI analytics services

  • Integration and sharing

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