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System Integration

System integration is the integration of all the physical and virtual components of an organisation’s system. Physical components are the various machine systems and computer hardwares while virtual components consists of data stored in database,software and applications.

The process of integrating these components so they act like a single system is what system integration means. It’s with this understanding f technology that we approach our custom API services.

API Development

Azegate experts an develop specialized APIs for new and legacy enterprise applications. We create APIs for a variety of platforms like desktop, mobile, cloud apps etc.

Custom API Solutions

Custom APIs securely extend the functionality of your application with new and existing third-party systems and devices. Azegate’s API solutions cover the development, integration, publishing, documentation , deployment and continuous maintenance of APIs.

Implementing API services

Azegate configures API for mobile, desktop , browser apps as well as databases. We implement internal and external APIs while leveraging exposed third-part web services. We have an industry specific approach to API management and we solve issues related to sharing of data, content, business logic, microservices and communications.

API Integration Services

Integrate existing business systems or third-party APIs to harness data and feature sharing in your applications.

API Testing Services

We use unit testing, functional testing and load testing to check the performance of individual APIs to end functionality and performance of API layers.