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Automotive Dealers Document Management

Accounting Management

Automotive dealerships today operate in a highly competitive business environment, requiring efficiencies in every area to drive profitability. Dealerships have also grown enormously into large enterprises encompassing many independent units working together.

Almost all automotive dealerships have a manufacturer mandated Dealership Management System (DMS) in their organizations. A DMS usually covers core business areas that impact customers and sales/service, but does not address tracking of support functions within the dealership such as Back-office Management, Employee Records, Corporate Branding, etc.

Azegate, an Integrated Document Management System addresses this need by providing a secure solution with workflows to track and monitor these support areas.

Back Office Management

Storage of and renewal alerts for Organizational Certifications such as License Agreements, Dealership Contracts, Trade Licenses, Shops & Establishment Certificates, etc.

  • Possible delays in manufacturer price change implementation.
  • Monetary losses due to unauthorized discounts.
  • Penalties resulting in failure to monitor timely payments of tax and filing of statutory returns for Service Tax, VAT, TDS, etc.
  • Liability concerns arising from lack of proper maintenance of Employee records such as Resume, Appointment Orders, Job Responsibilities, etc.
  • Pilferages due to lack of regular auditing and tracking of used oil, filters, workshop scrap, etc.
  • Internal auditors know exactly what to track/audit with the help of extensive checklists that could be placed in Azegate.
  • Maintenance and filing of documents relating to Insurance Policies, Notices, Monthly Discount Approvals and Price Lists.
  • Originals of crucial documents such as sale deeds can be safely stored whereas copies can be accessed anywhere anytime.

Maintenance of Equipment

Get real time Alerts needed for the Dealership's equipment,their regular maintenance, service due dates.How many of us track whether the fire extinguisher kept in our office is serviced? This is a small thing but can cause a huge mishap leading to big loss both to lives and company.

  • Allow the software to track everything and notify.
  • Automatic reporting and notification via Email/SMS that can be accessed by mobile, ensuring all equipment is maintained.
  • Lack of timely alerts during service renewals resulting in unpredictable circumstances.
  • There is a potential danger to lives and could incur huge costs to the company.
  • Avoid equipment downtime via timely preventive maintenance.

Corporate Identity

Standardizing Corporate Identity and Communication Protocols.

  • Lack of Centralized and Standardized formats for logos, stationery, envelopes etc.
  • Various representations of Corporate identity.
  • Significant Brand Dilution.
  • Reduction in rework relating to advertisements, and protection of intellectual capital.