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Legal Document Management System

Legal Doc Management

Legal Files Document Management System

Evidence! This is the soul of the legal industry. Evidence can be in different forms, however, all the information regarding the evidence needs to be documented. Apart from documentation of physical evidence, other legal and government papers, agreements, receipts, etc. form part of the ‘case file’. Law firms and Federal agencies carry on their function based on documented evidence and other related documents.

The legal industry depends on :

  • Managing various case files and documents in appropriate hierarchy and categorization.
  • Updating case files with latest information and documents as and when more evidence or information is collected.
  • Protecting the client information and data in the case files from leak or unauthorized deletion.
  • Sending data to select recipients who would require the documents however through a secure channel.
  • Referencing other related case records to strengthen their case or for better understanding of the Law.

It is therefore necessary for the legal industry to ensure a proper method to manage their documents.

What is Legal Document Management System?

A document filing and retrieving software or paperless office solution providing specific features to enable the legal industry to manage their legal documents.

Azegate Legal Document Management Software

Azegate’s software enables the legal industry players to manage their documents in a secure and organized manner.

Azegate allows you to integrate your existing documents into the software and re-organize in a more effective manner. Using Azegate as your document management partner will ensure improved productivity and better results in the firms legal endeavour.

Azegate can be greatly useful for Law firms, Solicitors, Legal Consultants, Auditors, Chartered Accountants and Professional Service Firms etc.