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Education Document Management System

Accounting Management

Many Educational firms have large number of overflowing filing cabinets which often causes delays in office processes and inefficiency. Most Organizations rely mostly on paper based systems for student and staff records, communication records, accounts, intellectual property for management which is expensive and difficult to manage. With a robust document management system like Azegate, Universities, colleges, Schools and all educational organizations can streamline a wide range of documents in every department. From Student Admission forms to travel expense reports, leave applications, vendor agreements etc. can be made available in Azegate along with keywords, meta data fields, versions of the documents and host of other features.

Benefits of Azegate:

  • Quickly access, collaborate and retrieve documents in seconds.
  • Securely access, edit and share documents.
  • Reduces number of personnel deployed to manage records.
  • Reduced requirement of physical space for storing documents.
  • Azegate integrates easily with the existing IT Systems.
  • Higher levels of fully configurable security.
  • Meet the documentation needs of the Organization within budget constraints.
  • Document alerts, notifications and workflows are in a centralized repository to ensure Document Management across the organization is efficient and accountable.
  • Internal audits are made easy with timely alerts and ready access to any document.

Azegate requires little to no IT support, flexible and scalable so it supports your other software systems.

Compliance support: Azegate ensures you comply with necessary regulatory requirements with predefined alerts and ready accessible documents.

Collaboration & Management: Collaboration internally in the organization becomes seamlessly easy for notifying other staff for any changes in any document, review of curriculum, assignments or any document across the organization.

Human Resources: HR department has huge number of critical documents which should be readily accessible and also securely stored. From identification documents of staff to performance reviews everything can be stored in streamlined environment with secured access control on every document.

Board Meetings: Meeting minutes can be created using templates, archived and distributed to the stake holders electronically on a click of a button. Organizations save a lot on printing, courier, postage expenses.

Student Admissions: Efficiently handle hundreds and thousands of applications from prospective students, while reviewing and approval by the relevant admissions teams through custom workflows electronically.

Curriculum Development: Educators can be supported well by features like Version Control, Custom Meta Data fields, notifications, subscriptions and others in the process of formulating or making changes to Curriculum. Azegate ensures that only the latest version of any curriculum document is made available to everyone in the organization and notifications are sent for subscribed users for any changes in critical documents.

Policies: All important policies, memos, rules can be made available to everyone in a centralized repository and it will be ensured that everyone are accessible to properly designed latest versions of any policy.