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Healthcare Document Management System

Healthcare Doc Management

Healthcare industry has hoards of documents to handle such as Patient forms, insurance approvals, Diagnosis reports, consent forms, identification, payment confirmations, prescriptions, compliance documents, surgery reports etc. for a single patient. Document management is critical as the personnel handling should be vigilant and cannot afford loosing or misplacing any important document.Azegate offers a robust document management system which will provide greater benefits to healthcare firms, patients and also staff.


  • Patient documents available at a click of a button in a secured manner.
  • Ability to search using various Meta Data which can be customized (Patient Name, ID, Doctor Name etc.).
  • Ability to have different versions of different doctor prescriptions/diagnosis.
  • Notifications of missing documents which can greatly help billing department or the doctor.
  • Easy to use interface, less time for implementation.
  • Staff can focus on patient care rather than negotiating with critical documents.
  • Excellent satisfaction levels for both staff and patients.
  • Document security can be restricted across the organization at document or folder level.

Process Efficiency

Billing process is simplified by every document being available at a central location avoiding delays, documents being lost, difficulties tracing documents etc.,
Doctors get access to any information about the patient at a click of button, without the patient requiring to carry huge files for every visit.

Third Party Integration

Azegate seamlessly integrates with Hospital Management and Information Systems in retrieving and viewing documents making it single point usage for Doctors and other staff. Azegate can integrate with any ERP/HIS/HMS which has an API available.


It is mandatory for firms to protect patient privacy and to prevent unauthorized access to any confidential patient information. Azegate uses 128 bit AES encryption for storing documents and offers fully configurable security access regulations at folder and document level.


Healthcare firms and facilities require following stringent compliance requirements within designated timelines or they face heavy financial penalties and loss of goodwill.