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Manufacturing Document Management System


Every manufacturing firm faces common challenge in:

  • Reduce time-to-market.
  • Compliance management.
  • Customer responsiveness.
  • Efficiency and Quality in Production.

With constantly increasing pressures to maximize efficiency while reducing costs, manufacturing businesses face the challenges of improving process quality, optimizing product lifecycles, compliance with standards and a range of regulations. Globalization is requiring firms to operate faster and efficient while implementing standard processes. Azegate decreases dependency on paper based processes and increases overall business efficiency and accountability of your Organization. Azegate offers a fully configurable, secured and centralized environment to access any document at a click of a button.

Azegate can:

  • Streamline complete documentation of your organization.
  • Manage Client and Vendor Agreements.
  • Version control management of procedures, business policies, production designs etc.
  • Effectively address legal & regulatory compliance needs of ISO and others.
  • Increase your potential by having visibility of pending activities with Alerts and Notifications.
  • Online document review, approval process.

Azegate Integration with ERP, Manufacturing and Financial Applications:

Azegate can seamlessly integrate with manufacturing applications via API. Retrieving and filing documents can be done at a click of a button.

Process Management

Azegate can efficiently streamline documentation across all the departments. Processes and documents can be aligned with notifications to respective personnel for timely task completion.

Matching documents such as Proof of Delivery, Invoices and Production related documents is always a Labour intensive activity and very difficult to handle. Azegate can logically group documents based on activity and link documents such as invoices, purchase orders, payment information, delivery confirmations, email correspondence with a vendor or client and others in an easy-to-use interface.

Production Designs

All your critical production designs and relevant documentation can be centralized in Azegate making it accessible across the organization or at remote production units or on your Tablet when you are on the move.

Document Versions

Version Control offers access to each version of the document which is created by each edit by any user capturing information like date, time, User edited, notes.

Contract/Agreement Management

Handling and negotiating contracts can be cumbersome and daunting. With Azegate you can be remembered of agreement or contract renewals, access critical documents whenever required. Every contract or agreement signed with Vendors or Clients can be effectively and efficiently reviewed, approved, circulated, and collaborated faster.

Order Management

Work Orders can be streamlined in Azegate to ensure every stakeholder receives notifications and work is completed within the deadlines.

SOP Management

Usage of an out-dated SOP can impose risks to any manufacturing department. SOPs with different instructions can apparently result in serious product risks and consequences. Azegate ensures that a single approved SOP be available to everyone across the organization and whenever a change is done to it, only the latest version is available to all the required personnel.