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Government Document Management System

Government Document Management

Governance of a nation or a constituency is a great privilege and comes with greater responsibility. Government strives hard to provide the best to their people in all spheres of life and ensure continuous development. At the heart of good governance are processes and documentation. It is always a mammoth task for the government to document each process or step they take while facing the following challenges:

  • Security of sensitive information or data: The information or data which contains confidential information regarding the citizens or contracts must be secured and access restricted at various levels. They must also be protected against natural calamities or unfavorable human intervention (leak of information, mismanagement).
  • Multiple changes: The documents invariably go through many deliberations like manager reviews and approvals as per hierarchy and hence multiple changes are affected on the drafts till a final version is confirmed. All these changes must be recorded and maintained.
  • Timely: The documents may from time to time be required to be retrieved for scrutiny or for reference in various situations. The documents therefore, need to be stored in such a way that it can be retrieved in quick time to enable governments to provide quality service to the citizens.
  • Tracking: Documents may be spread across various departments or location according to who created it, accessed it, or edited it and where its need originated. All documents must stored in a manner where they can be easily tracked and accessed.
  • Central repository: The documents need to be available at a central location and must be archived for a very long time. Many government documents have highest value in any situation and anyone can request to view any document at time for valid reasons as provided by Right to Information (RTI) Act. Hence it becomes very important to store the documents for a long period of time.

The Government needs secure document management software to provide improved and efficient services to their citizens.

What is a Government Document Management System?

Government file storage software allows governments to create, manage, and store their documents and retaining the confidentiality and authenticity, while allowing access to employees and citizens.

Azegate Document Control System Software

Azegate's Solution has designed a software which enables governments to ensure secure storage, movement, and retrieval of the various documents created and managed by them. The multilayer access control and easy retrieval system allows this government document retrieving software to provide a secure and efficient interaction with the citizens.

Azegate can be easily integrated with the existing IT infrastructure or be hosted on our Solution's network while allowing easy retrieval for all users.