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Security/Monitoring Document Management


Azegate for CCTV

CCTVs are used to monitor and record images of what takes place in specific locations in real time. The recorded information can be stored and reviewed by those who have access to the recordings at their convenience. CCTVs are predominantly offense prevention tools that also provide surveillance function to any organization. CCTV systems require robust platforms to manage the surveillance environment. It can be significantly damaging and expensive for any Organization if CCTV backups are unavailable in times of crises where this evidence is crucial. In Most CCTV environments, management is a people driven process and subject to the common errors of forgetfulness and inadequate training, resulting in failures that are detected only when it is too late.

Data Backup

A vital necessity of CCTV/Surveillance systems is to have its data available for viewing when a situation demands it. Many a time however, due to forgetfulness and other omissions on the part of the people responsible for ensuring system function, data is found to be missing, resulting in unsolved crimes with twin consequences:

  • Potentially huge financial losses and legal complications to the organization.
  • Emboldened dishonest elements repeating offenses due to a confidence in the failure of the surveillance systems.

Maintenance & Management

The other commonly faced challenges in CCTV environments are:

  • Displacement of the angular position of Cameras; capturing thus, inconsequential views instead of the desired view.
  • Cameras that have stopped working and remain so without detection or repair for long periods of time until occurrence of an incident.

This vulnerability in CCTV environments is, once again as covered above, a direct result of a people driven process without adequate controls. Azegate, as a Process Management System addresses the challenges faced in the people dependent functioning of CCTV surveilling.

  • Stores DVR output automatically, by camera and by date.
  • Controls access to the video feed ensuring its security.
  • Alerts when a scheduled feed is missed.
  • Forces immediate attention to a malfunctioning DVR or Camera, as the alert continues till rectification.
  • Demands regular inspection of actual camera views vs. desired views.
  • Reminds personnel of such scheduled inspections with automatic, built-in escalations.
  • Informs such personnel, via notes, of the steps to be taken.
  • Describes in detail the tasks and the inspection parameters via Internal Certificates Templates.

Azegate thereby creates a fool-proof process ensuring that the CCTV systems perform as required. Further, Azegate significantly reduces the training effort for one newly in the system.