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GPS Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Tracking System

Azegate provides highly automated and customized GPS tracking software for various purposes. Using this, you can track your vehicle, forecast productivity and get things done as fast as you can think. Connect with us and start tracking it online.

School Bus Tracking

When boarding the bus, your child will have assigned RFID card that will be captured by our RFID reader mounted in each school bus without human interaction like swiping / showing. Using RFID, child boarding can be completely tracked and notified to the schools and parents. Our trip sheet technique makes sure that the notifications are sent only during designated pick-up and drop trip of a school bus. Any other movements of the school bus (like during holidays & non-business hours) are not shared with parents. Non-School trip movement information of a vehicle is available only for the school management. We also provide route deviation alerts , live traffic conditions to the transport managers. We also send information via text to all the parents related to their ward boarding the bus at the right stop.

Enterprise Tracking

Azegate belongs to the most popular real-time location tracking services available for in web and Android App as well as IOS. Individual users also use this service to show their location to their family and friends in real-time. Business users use this service to manage their fleets or to provide a track and trace service as bonus feature to their customers. If you are interested in making it big and earn respect as well as wealth, welcome to this professional relation with VAMOS India, the owner of the largest dealers chain of vehicle and personal tracking devices.

Personal Tracking

Azegate supported Tracker is specifically designed to help women reach out to those who can help instantly. The receiver has superior sensitivity and can connect SOS calls instantly. The tracking equipment assures instant tracking allowing the victim’s location identified instantly so that necessary assistance can be provided. Azegate supported Adult Tracker is a new-age tracking device that is feature-rich and ensures absolute safety by all means. The Azegate Adult Tracker is an elegant device that comes with a phone, GPS and RFID function. It comes with a provision to add a SIM and the device can be used to make SOS calls to two fixed numbers (parents and other close family members) with single touch button and receive calls from pre-approved numbers. The device is not only handy but can be safely kept inside the vanity bag without getting the attention of unwanted intruders. The tracker device is ideal for young working women as it can help them connect with their kith and kin during an emergency or any untoward incident. The whereabouts of the victim can be accurately and instantly tracked during an unpleasant situation.

Mobile Tracking

Turn a cell phone or tablet into a real-time GPS tracker. Get this softeware on mobile device to view and follow it's location online. Using Location of you can view the location of one or more mobile devices live on a map on a desktop computer, or, within the mobile application itself.

Fuel Level Tracking

You can monitor the fuel remotely and get alert in case of loss, analytics reports etc. Azegate provides capacitive based Fuel Level Sensor. These electronic sensors are mounted on the fuel tank of the vehicle and integrated with GPS Device for Real Time Fuel Monitoring System. Every change in fuel level is monitored and recorded.

Temperature Tracking

Temperature Monitoring provides cold chain managers real-time visibility of temperature sensitive shipments and gives them an end-to-end system for quality control and incident management. Our temperature monitoring sensor can measure temperature upto 150°C. Their thick walled silicone rubber jacket and strain relief sleeve ensure a leak proof joint and they can be completely submerged in water. Every change in temperature or 10 seconds data is recorded. Well trained engineers install the device in 10 minutes and you can monitoring instantly. Can be installed any where, either in Truck, Car or Cold storage room.

RFID Tracking

Most educational institutions’ administrators are concerned about student irregular attendance. Vamosys can affect student overall academic performance. The conventional method of attendance tracking by calling names or signing on paper is very time consuming and insecure, hence inefficient.Our new Time and attendance that also called rfid attendance system using RFID reader, is one of the solutions to address this problem. This system can be used to take attendance for student in school, college, and university. It also used to take attendance for Teacher,Staff and other Employee. Its ability to uniquely identify each person based on their RFID tag type of ID card make the process of taking the attendance easier, faster and secure as compared to conventional method. Students only need to place their ID card on the reader and their attendance will be taken immediately. With real time clock capability of the system, attendance RFID Tracker taken will be more accurate since the time for the attendance taken will be recorded. The system will be connected to the Secured VPN Server through LAN Cable. Our online basedschool management software help you to view Attendance report from anywhere,in any device(Mobile,Laptop,Tab). The Automated Attendance system also sends an instant SMS to the parents/ guardian that the student has reached school or is leaving school… or even if the child has not reported.

In vehicle Camera

Vehicle cameras have turned into a need in the field of the Transport Industry for most recent years to protect Transport Vehicles from the crash/decrease chance and guarantee consistency for protection(Insurance). Whether your business needs basic, solitary dashboard cameras, r continuous 3G cameras, or live streaming multi-camera system for high-hazard transport operations, we can supply and fit the most outstanding proficient standard. That’s, obviously, the greater part of our cameras will coordinate into our tracking Software Program itself.