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Oracle Custom Report


Customizing Reports

In Oracle Fusion Applications, reports and analytics are built using Oracle Business Intelligence:

  • Reports are built with Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (Oracle BI Publisher) and are usually highly-formatted, detailed documents. Oracle BI Publisher is also better suited for reports with substantial volume (more than a few hundred rows of data).
  • Analytics are analyses and dashboards built with Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Services. Analyses are queries based on real-time, transactional or operational data that provide answers to business questions. Dashboards provide personalized views of corporate and external information. A dashboard consists of one or more pages that contain content, such as analyses, links to websites, BI Publisher reports, and so on.

Reports extract the data from your applications and present it in the formats required for your enterprise. Reports provide the information you need for internal operations and statutory compliance; reports also provide the business documents for communicating with your customers. Many product-specific reports are provided with Oracle Fusion Applications; for example, the invoice register, the pick slip report, the payroll summary, the journals report, and the customer credit memo. To meet the specific needs of your enterprise, you may need to customize the reports provided or you may need to create new reports to capture and present different data. Understanding the BI Publisher reporting architecture will help you to understand the report customization scenarios and tasks. A report in Oracle BI Publisher consists of the following components:

  • A data model that defines the data source, data structure, and parameters for the report. A data model can be used by multiple reports. Each report has one data model.
  • One or more layouts to define the presentation, formatting, and visualizations of the data. A report may have multiple layouts of the data model.
  • A set of properties that specify runtime and formatting options.

Optionally, a report may also include:

  • Translations to provide localized versions of a report.