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Human Resources(HR) Document Management System

HR Doc Management

Today's HR Departments handle a lot of critical documents from Employee contracts, resumes, applications, credentials, reviews, overtime requests, time off requests, and performance reports to policies. A Critical function of any HR process will be ability to keep records, retrieve them quickly when required, and provide access to right documents to right people to ensure proactive decisions are taken. Processes such as hiring, performance appraisals, recruitment drives create tremendous amounts of documents which makes it difficult to manage them efficiently. Azegate ensures through a robust document management system, that any HR department can efficiently improve their activity.

Azegate aims to lessen the paperwork burden so that the HR professionals can focus on their core activity- managing people. In addition, Azegate offers key benefits that enhance department operations.

Eliminate Paper, streamline document management

Being the first step towards implementation of Azegate, most of the documents handled by HR are captured and added to Azegate. Documents such as Letters, Resumes, Memos, Applications, Contracts, and Agreements are to be maintained carefully to ensure timely information is available when required.

Manage critical document

HR Policies and procedures being available on paper makes it time consuming and prone to errors. Having all the critical documents in a centralized repository ensures that everyone in the organization is accessing only the current version of the document.