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Quality Assurance (ISO/CMMI)


Quality assurance is one of the most important procedures which every organization aspires to follow diligently. In the process of adhering to ISO, CMMi or any other quality certification processes, organizations will be required to follow specified formats of documentation which can be complex and very difficult to manage manually. Every industry in the process of offering quality products and services follow various quality policies which require various administrative processes in managing documents relevant. With automated quality assurance processes, organizations can ensure the optimum implementation of these policies. Azegate offers comprehensive functions inbuilt in integrated document management system to simplify the quality assurance process and streamline the document processes across the Organization.

Auto Folder Structure:

A unique feature which can facilitate auto creation of specified folder structure with pre-set alerts and functions. All specified documentation requirements can be easily managed with predefined folder structures enabling everyone in the organization to follow uniform policies.

Audit Trails:

Keep track of every activity of each employee using Azegate.

Task Enforcement:

All documents associated with tasks can be tagged with alerts for timely completion by specific personnel and alerts can be escalated to senior management to ensure every stake holder is aware of the proceedings of any activity. Delays are eliminated as Alerts continue till tasks are completed.

Version Control:

To ensure that everyone are following updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Policies, Manuals it is important that the current version is accessible to every individual across the Organization. Azegate offers comprehensive version control with ability to switch versions at a click of a button whenever required.

Internal Audits:

Azegate facilitates internal audits through auto folder structures and customizable alerts. Any internal audit to be completed at a specific interval can be completed with alerts to specific employees along with notifications. Azegate can effectively trace and track SOPs, quality procedures, manuals and other policy documents which are to be followed by every individual across the organization. Change Management and training documents can be streamlined using Azegate.